Tiffany instructs the following:
  • Road Ride
  • Do you think you can handle the challenge? Your instructor will take you on an energizing ride through hills and flat terrain, simulated by different levels of resistance that you control. Attack, climb, descent and sprint your way across the finish line!
    Great calorie torch & cardio conditioning which will ultimately help you to ride further, stronger, and more efficiently outdoors. No choreography. Heart rate monitor recommended.

  • Crunk Cycle
  • Hop on that bike and get crunk! Go buck-wild with this athletic take on indoor cycling by dropping heavy beats that will for sure get you pumped up. We dare you to stay in your saddle!
    Expect some choreographed drills, upper-body sculpting (2-pound dumbbells optional) and a whole lot of sweating.

    Parental Advisory: Some songs may contain explicit content

  • Surge Circuit
  • Our flagship ride, low-impact but high intensity. This heart pounding ride is a workout for your mind, body, and spirit. Expect sprints and climbs in and out of the saddle, to keep your body engaged. Challenge both your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds through interval training. Perfect for any fitness enthusiast, whether you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro.

  • Saturday Surge Switch-Up
  • You'll never know what you're going to get with a new instructor each week! Every Saturday experience a different instructor to keep your juices flowing. The instructor chooses their favorite format and jams, and you experience something new that may turn into your favorite!

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