We searched high and low for the very best indoor bike around. Unlike the Spinner® stationary bikes, we chose the new Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle, utlilizing magnetic resistance, offering a super smooth, quiet and effective ride. As a product manufactured right here in the good ole USA, we are obsessed with the quality of their bikes. All bikes come with a console which displays:


• RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) 

• Power Output Displays in Watts (currently generating) 

• Heart Rate (Polar compatible)

• Pedaling Time

• Gear (Resistance) (1 to 24 gears)

• Odometer / Trip Distance 

• Resistance is adjusted by a simple lever on the stem


Most importantly, the Keiser M3 Plus bikes are completely adjustable, allowing you to set them up in a way which is just right for your body size. Optimum fit is key for a comfortable and effective ride.



Our studio incorporates color-changing lighting, utilized as visual cues for a complete sensory-filled ride. The experience starts in a dark room, you are guided to release all thoughts, focus on your breathing, and move into the moment. After a warm-up period, we get rollin’ and the room turns orange, to red, to purple ... the bass gets heavier ... the tempo a little faster and you soon find yourself jammin’ on the pedals.



Our bodies are wired to be rocked by music and rolled to music. That’s because music energizes you, it affects you and it gets you going.


When we crank up the volume, your heart begins to synchronize to the tune, and your legs start to pedal metronomically to the beat. Music is powerful, especially in a cycling class.


You know the value of a killer playlist. That’s why our instructors are also wicked good DJs, and you can sample their playlists via Spotify, so you can choose a class where the music fuels your soul.


Filtered water is available. Please bring your water bottle to fill up ... you’re gonna need it!


Complimentary sweat towel service, but, of course, you may bring your own too.


We have one unisex bathroom and two changing rooms. Please note that our studio does not have shower facilities. Surge Cycling is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items. Please remember to bring your valuables into the cycling room where they can be stored in available cubbies.


We do not have lockers at the studio. Please use the cubbies inside the cycling room to store your belongings. Surge Cycling is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items.


Parking available on site. You may also park along the pond, too.


To make everyone’s Surge Cycling experience enjoyable, please mind your Ps and Qs.


1. Hydrate. All riders must have a water bottle and towel to ride. Trust us, you’ll need them both. We have a sweat towel for you at all times.


2. Be Fresh. There is just no way to sugarcoat it … wear your deodorant … we are all working very hard and sweating like nuts, all while riding very close to one another. If you forget, we have a whole supply of personal hygiene products in the bathroom.


3. Ride As One. To keep the energy up in the room, we try to ride as one. This will not only keep you challenged, but by sticking with your instructor’s direction, you will reduce the risk of injury. Stay with them, they do know best.


4. Kindness Rocks. Respect your fellow riders. Treat others how you would like them to treat you. Saving bikes for friends is not cool and is unfair to those who are already there READY to go.


5. Unplug. Silence your ringers and please refrain from using your cell phone to talk, text or listen to your own tunes. We understand you’re popular, but out of respect for your instructors and fellow riders, let it go to voicemail. This does not apply to medical providers who have no choice but to answer work calls.


6. Chatterboxes. Talking during class is a huge distraction. ‘Nuff said.


7. Bike Upkeep. We value our bikes and keep them in excellent condition with regular maintenance. After all, what is a cycling studio without immaculate bikes? We do our part; please do yours and wipe down the bikes at the end of your ride, and in between if you’re doubling.


8. Spotless. Please help keep our studio clean by tidying up after yourself.


9. Sign Up, Show Up. Our classes can get very full and often have a wait list. If you sign up, then please show up. If you cannot make it to class, please call, email, or release your spot online to allow other riders to enjoy the class. Please be aware and review our cancellation and no-show policy under TERMS AND CONDITIONS. If you do not unreserve/cancel your scheduled class, and/or do not show up for class, your scheduled class will be charged to your series along with a $10 late fee.

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