We are an independent cycling studio, dedicated to creating a low-impact, high-intensity, and heart-pumping workout that is inspirational, perspirational, empowering, and most importantly, fun! We keep it simple, safe and intimate so that we can pay attention to the finer details. We wear our passion on our sleeve and we are committed to improve your overall fitness goals. It doesn’t matter where your starting line is. At every finish line is a better, stronger, healthier you. You just have to believe. We do.



There’s a lot more to cycling than just climbs and sprints. It is a complete cardio workout that also engages your core and upper body while toning your legs and glutes. And be prepared to ride amongst fellow athletes, the big box gym renegades, the weekend warriors, and EVERYTHING inbetween. After all, variety is the spice of life! But the magic happens after your ride. We call it the afterburn. Your body can continue to burn calories one, two or even 10 hours after your workout. YAYUH! One more thing: it is the most fun you are going to have exercising and it’s also highly addictive. It is a natural high with a welcome endorphin surge!



It’s an opportunity to completely unplug from the rest of the world, drift into the moment and get a little lost in the music and lighting for 45 minutes. You let go of all your inhibitions and you soon realize you're moving a little stronger, better and faster. Our goal is to unleash your inner-superhero!



Our instructors will suggest resistance levels and RPM to strive for in each session, but YOU are in charge of what’s right for you and your body. Feeling stoked? Then ride it like you stole it! Pedal faster and harder than the target and your instructor. And if you’re a new kid on the block, stick with a pace or intensity level you’re comfortable with. Your bike will be customized to you. We will help you set the positions that fit your body and you adjust the tension, speed, RPM and power to your comfort levels.



Free parking is available on site.


Got the picture? Good. Now let’s roll!
Surge Cycling. Grab life by the bars.™