One Small Change at a Time

Summer is winding down and a change of season is upon us. Whether you are returning from Barbados, your cabin, or the State Fair, now is a good time to set and achieve new goals — in fitness and in life.


At Surge Cycling, we are all for setting goals. A large number of you will offer sage advice and experience in this area...so please share your thoughts with us.


When the pace of life changes, we tend to place healthy habits on the back burner. But whether you are trying to manage your job, your family or your health, it's important to continue planning healthy meals, exercising, and liviing a healthy lifestyle. This month, we're bringing you a few simple tips that will help you keep eating and living well throughout the fall and winter.


"A change, will do you good..." sang Sheryl Crow back in the day. We know change can be scary and uncomfortable, but it doesn't have to be. Change can be exciting, especially if it's for your own benefit. Perhaps you want to get fitter and healthier. Maybe you want to take up cross-country skiing or learn how to cook a gourmet meal. Whatever it might be, allow this change to fuel your mind, body and spirit!


Where and how to begin? The problem is we can be overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, the thought of starting anything new can be daunting so we put it off until tomorrow, but tomorrow is often the busiest part of the week.


There really isn't a quick and easy solution, but there is a simple one — make one SMALL change, and do it for one week. Pretty simple right? Nothing too dramatic. We can all make that ONE SMALL CHANGE.


Replace that afternoon candy bar with an apple. Get yourself on a ski path and snow shoe for 15 minutes. And to all the next Master Chefs, prepare a batch of chili from scratch...you can even use your crock-pot. We won't tell.


Do it every day for a week, and evaluate how you feel at the end. It's an awesome feeling, hitting your goals, however modest they are. By the end of the week, up the playing field a bit. Then promise yourself that you will continue the momentum for 30 days.


Trying to make dramatic changes overnight leads to a quick "I quit." Authentic change comes slowly, the key is to construct new habits. Bit by bit, blend the desired activity into your life and before you know it, it becomes a part of you.


Make that small change today. You deserve it.


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