Who's this dude?


You've seen his smile, but do you know what's behind it?
Surge gets in touch with its friendly man with a plan, Ken Anderson:


What inspired you to open up Surge Cycling?

It was all Z’s idea, and I was extremely excited and totally on board from the second she brought it up.


How did you meet Z?

She was a client of mine and flew in for a few meetings. Picked her up from the airport and proceeded to the parking garage. Couldn't find my dumb car! We were searching for a good 25 minutes. I could tell she thought I was a nut. Then I had to entertain her for 4 days straight. She tells me today that it was my dorkiness that had sealed the deal. Playing the dumb card can be a good thing, ha!


What is your favorite part about being in St. Louis Park?

COSTCO! I’m an addict. I need help.


What do you think makes a great spin studio?

Aside from our outstanding instructors delivering a challenging ride, it would have to be GREAT service, definitely! I want our riders to feel like they matter, because they do.


Favorite food?

Chocolate chip ice cream, or steak. Or chocolate chip ice cream smothered steak.


Worst movie?

Green Lantern.


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