Instructor Spotlight

Always on-the-go, Maria understands
the value and importance of properly
fueling her body to maintain a consistent
level of energy throughout the day.


What do you eat?

Any fruit and vegetables, yogurt, turkey sandwiches, granola bars, vegetarian sushi, smoothies. I pretty much eat the same 7 things. I'm not big on cooking and I am the farthest thing from a foodie... so whatever I eat needs to be fast and easy and not fancy.


How do you stay hydrated?

Water! It is important to ignite your energy first thing in the morning and to keep it lit all day long. I try to drink at least half of my bodyweight (a general and simple rule of thumb). So if you weigh 180lbs, drink 90oz of water. Even being one percent below your optimal fluid level results in noticeable fatigue.


Favorite tune of the moment?

Depending on my mood... to get me ready to dance with my girls: Shake it out By Taylor Swift.  New favorite spin song: Fireball By Pitbull To calm down: Ghost by Ella Henderson