Meet Dietitian Jared

Jared’s curiosity for food and nutrition was sparked by the desire to get to the finish line faster. As an endurance junkie—racing in marathons, triathlons, road cycling and cross-country skiing, he wanted to gain an extra advantage over the competition. After fervent research, he decided to dedicate his career to food and nutrition. He graduated from St. John’s University and has been practicing in Minnesota ever since.

Jared is a registered dietitian specializing in clinical nutrition, wellness and weight management. His passion is to encourage others to eat real, whole food. He doesn’t buy into the promises of magic pills or fad diets. At Surge, he combines his knowledge of nutrition and passion for counseling to give clients guidance and clarity in a world filled with conflicting nutritional messages. This approach provides an individualized plan, customized to each client. Jared is excited to help you reach your nutrition and health goals!