Spin Nutrition 101

FuelED® with Jared

Here are a few nutrition tips to up your spinning game. Before class, make sure you have either had a healthy meal within the last 3-4 hours or a small snack 1-2 hours before class. Meals should be balanced including some carbohydrate, protein and fat. Each of these macronutrients plays an important part in our health. Think of carbohydrates as the fuel in the gas tank—that’s what we use for energy. Protein is used as building blocks to repair broken down muscle. Fat is important to blunt the absorption of carbohydrates to provide long-lasting fuel and increase satiety. Snacks should be balanced and easy to digest. Try to find a carbohydrate and protein combination. For example, grab a peach and some cottage cheese, an apple and string cheese or a banana with some peanut butter. 

Hydrate. Bring a water bottle with you to work. A quick, easy way to know your fluid requirements is to divide your weight in half and drink that much in ounces. For example, a 120 lbs person should drink at least 60 oz fluid each day. Being even slightly dehydrated can make you feel tired during the day and weak on the spin bike.

During class, focus on hydration. If you are doing a 45 minute class, stick with water. If you are doing a 2 hour endurance ride, consider bringing something with some carbohydrate and electrolytes. You can use a drink like Gatorade® or Powerade®, but I would recommend Scratch Labs®. They have less sugar and more electrolytes. Also, the ingredients are more natural and the flavoring is from real fruit!

After class you should focus on getting something to eat within 30 minutes. If you are not going to have a healthy meal in that time, find a snack with lean protein and carbohydrate to recover and refuel. Make sure you focus on hydration as well. Think about how much you sweat during those Surge parties.

If you have questions about sports nutrition or healthy eating, make sure to sign up to see me, the Surge Dietitian!