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Success Stories

Have you ever had one of those times in your life where you realize that you have let your day-to-day obligations take over and you have forgotten to take care of you?  

For me it happened about 2 years ago. My problem was letting work take priority over my life and in doing so my health.  No longer making an effort to workout regularly or eat healthy. I justified it by thinking that the harder I work and the more time I put in the further my career would progress. The problem with this theory was I was completely miserable.  

A turning point for me was changing jobs. I now work for a company that I enjoy being a part of. Giving me back the positive attitude that had been dormant.

So of course I changed my lifestyle as soon as this happens and started living healthier? Unfortunately no…  Getting back on the right track was a struggle.  

Starting with a workout routine seemed like a logical first step. Even with having a gym membership, checking out other gyms, and studios I couldn’t find the right workout program for me.  I needed something that I would consistently go to and put 100% in. Then I got the Saint Louis Park Magazine in the mail and they had an article about a new spinning studio in town. I looked up Surge Cycling and registered for a class the very next day. As soon as I walked in the door I knew I found my spot. There is a personal connection with Surge Cycling that I couldn’t find other places.  The energy that the owners, instructors, and other patrons bring made me not only look forward to class but pushed me to exceed my own expectations.

The next step was dealing with my eating habits. I ate out way too much. I started by bringing lunch to work everyday. I then made sure that dinner consisted of a fish/chicken and a vegetable.  The realization finally came to me that I miss the most important part, a healthy breakfast. Overall the preparation that it takes to eat healthier was more then I was used to but the energy I get throughout the day because of it is well worth it.   

So the question everyone is asking…  How much weight have I lost? I don’t know. When I was heavy and finally at a point of thinking about me I didn’t want to weigh myself. It would have only brought me down.  What do I weigh today? I have no idea. I feel good and I fit into the clothes that I haven’t been able to in years. To me that is more important then a number. 

I live now with the understanding that in life there will always be obstacles, it’s all about finding your way around them. 


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