Feeling Powerful and Peaceful


A Q&A session with Rider of the Month, Quinn. We love how she rolls!

Why did you decide to try Surge?

I was looking to try a new indoor cycling class in the Twin Cities, and Surge is close to where I live and work. The first class was awesome, and pretty soon I was hooked!

What's your favorite part of going to Surge?

There are so many! The killer music, the amazing instructors, the warm atmosphere, the post-workout snacks. It's like working out in a fun, supportive dance club where everyone is just as sweaty as you are and (thankfully) it's not 2am.

How often do you workout?

I aim for 3-4 times per week, less or more depending on my current rehearsal schedule.

How does fitness impact your everyday life

(ie: does it make any part of your job easier)?

Fitness is important in the entertainment industry - not only so you can look good, but also so you can manage to sing and dance at the same time without looking like a total mess. And the added choreography and weights in Surge classes are also great practice for multitasking! But, the most important thing to me about fitness is the way it makes me feel - powerful, peaceful, and ready to take on the world. Spinning is truly one of the greatest stress busters around!

Were you always a "fitness person"?

I've always been athletic and played sports as a kid. When I started doing music and theater more seriously, team sports took a back seat. But exercise, whether walking or dancing or spinning, has always been a priority. At Surge, I've found a way to have fun, take some time for myself, and stay active. It's a little sanctuary!

Right now I'm performing in a kid-friendly holiday musical called, "The Snow Queen" at Park Square Theatre in St. Paul. It runs through December 27! For tickets and more info, visit http://parksquaretheatre.org/box-office/shows/2015-16/the-snow-queen.


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