How Spin has Spun My Life Around


The battle of the bulge has been an ongoing fight with me. I truly do not know if Oprah or I have lost more weight bouncing back and forth. Down up down up in the pounds. I am in my 50’s I hate to exercise and I have been on every fad diet there ever was and I have spent thousands of dollars on Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem®, Atkins®, I could go on and on you name it I have tried it. I would lose weight and then go right back up. The bottom line is eat right and exercise!

I moved to a new suburb last August only 6.5 miles from work on the bike path. I hopped on my bike and struggled my a$$ up to work, huffing and puffing. I had not been on a bike in 30 years. I was overweight and out of breath. I kept riding my bike and then the weather started getting cold. I did not want to give up biking so I checked out different options and this is where spin spun me around. I went to Surge Cycling in St Louis Park. I signed up for my first class and was it a struggle? You bet. I could not keep up or do 10% of what the instructor was doing, but I went back again and again and again. In just a matter of a couple weeks I could stand up much longer and spin and I had more energy. I love spin, I have never found any exercise I enjoyed before. Here it is 6 months after spin and I have lost a bit of weight and feel pretty darn good.

Ok so now why am I writing this? I hope that If I can be an inspiration to just one person it is worth it. You see if I can do it anyone can!!

Was it a bit intimidating walking in the first time being a bit older and a lot of the other riders are my own children’s ages? Yes a little bit, but when I went there no one looked at me like here comes the older fat lady. No one laughed at me. When I walked in the door they would say, "hi Cathy how are you today?" There are all shapes, ages and sizes. The thing I like most about my classes at Surge is you realize, no one is watching you, except for the instructor. No judgements, no attitude, only good vibes. Indoor cycling is a cardio exercise where you are one with the bike, your bike. So you can go at your OWN pace! You go in and do what you can. Every time you get a bit stronger and leaner. After a few weeks you will be surprised what you can do. I got to know the other riders and they are a great group of people. Spin is like part of my lifestyle. My fellow riders are like my family. This is something I do for me! I go in and I challenge myself. I know a lot of people who struggle with weight. Find your passion and your life will change. Good luck.


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