2:56 PM

Instructor Spotlight

Donald is a diver in his spare time!

What do you eat?

It's hard to grab a candy bar or some potato chips when you're crammed into this turn of the century diving gear and that keeps me lean.  I will confess that I keep my pockets full of Skinny Pop,  because it's the best snack on the high seas.

Favorite tune of the moment?

While I'm at the bottom of the ocean, I am still jamming to last year's " Pumpin' Blood" by NONONO and 2012's "You Make Me Happy" by DJ Rebel and Danzel. I really get my nautical groove going when I hear those tunes.  If you were at the two-hour class last month, then you know what I mean!

I'll be floating back to Surge later this Fall, so stay in shape.  I am!

7:58 AM

Fit at 50? Hell yeah!



My 50th birthday wasn’t a welcome event. I was terrified that parts of body would just call it quits. When that dark day arrived, I was convinced that my knees would give out, my cardio capacity would immediately diminish or my intensity level would sink like a rock.


Guess what?  None of these things happened. As a matter of fact, in the months since I turned 50, a few amazing things have happened.  I started teaching at Surge Cycling, which reinvigorated me and now my classes are harder than ever and more fun that I could have ever imagined. I started weight training with the most talented team of sports training professionals I have ever met and my body fat is at a life time best of 14.3%.  I started timing my 5K runs and by the end of the summer I broke the 26 minute mark.  Lastly, I started to pay attention to my diet and, as a result, lost 8 pounds of fat over the summer.


I decided that 50 was not going to stop me from being fit. I worked hard and I’m sticking with it.  


There is one last thing. Regardless of our age, it’s awfully hard to do any of this alone. I encourage everyone to take one of my Surge Cycling classes on a regular basis. Together, we can set new fitness goals…and then break them.