11:40 AM

Today, I'm in Control

Success Stories


August 30, 2015... that's the day I realized I lost 18 pounds since joining Surge Cycling. Earlier this year, in April, I had a WTF moment when I weighed myself and the scale said 197 pounds. I had the immediate thought.... “I need to get this under control!”. Around this same time my friend Jarrin (you know him as the Hip Hop Cycle dancing machine, lol) would post selfies on Facebook of him at Surge.  Since it looked like a lot of fun and it was a couple minutes away from my home, I figured I'd ask him about it and see if I could go sometime. Fast forward almost five months later and I'm usually hitting up 5-8 classes a week.  

I think it's important to not view fitness/health as a one size fits all model. Instead, figure out what works for you and go for it. Part of that is knowing your own limitations.  For me, it's the fact that I can get extremely lazy about working out and also bored with it, if I do it on my own. So my solution is having a group/social fitness environment and also having a place close by (Surge). I also recently added healthier eating. One of my problems in the past, was always doing one or the other. When I would work out, that gave me an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. When I would eat healthy, that would give me an excuse to not have to work out. Finally combining both has worked wonders. Is it easy? No.  Is it worth it? Yes. So find what works for you, and do it.

7:58 AM

Fit at 50? Hell yeah!



My 50th birthday wasn’t a welcome event. I was terrified that parts of body would just call it quits. When that dark day arrived, I was convinced that my knees would give out, my cardio capacity would immediately diminish or my intensity level would sink like a rock.


Guess what?  None of these things happened. As a matter of fact, in the months since I turned 50, a few amazing things have happened.  I started teaching at Surge Cycling, which reinvigorated me and now my classes are harder than ever and more fun that I could have ever imagined. I started weight training with the most talented team of sports training professionals I have ever met and my body fat is at a life time best of 14.3%.  I started timing my 5K runs and by the end of the summer I broke the 26 minute mark.  Lastly, I started to pay attention to my diet and, as a result, lost 8 pounds of fat over the summer.


I decided that 50 was not going to stop me from being fit. I worked hard and I’m sticking with it.  


There is one last thing. Regardless of our age, it’s awfully hard to do any of this alone. I encourage everyone to take one of my Surge Cycling classes on a regular basis. Together, we can set new fitness goals…and then break them.