• Intervals. Must hold a thorough understanding of interval training and the effect it has on the body.

• Ability to create and design a ride profile with proper interval training in a safe, rigorous and intense way!

• Teach with proper speed (RPM's), resistance (gear levels)  and power (WATTS)

• Bring the heat. Cardiovascular results are why our riders keep coming back.

• Musicality and rhythm. Teach with excellent cues.

• Ability to motivate and inspire riders. Give them more than just a good workout.

• Must be able to command a room. At Surge Cycling, we expect you to keep up the energy and engage every single rider.

• Have your own reliable source of music access. (Ex: laptop, iPad, iPod, computer)

• Proficient in Spotify®, able to create a playlist that is attractive to OUR riders

• Positive attitude

How Can I Audition?

We offer auditions to advanced Surge Cycling riders.
You are required to ride at least 6 months, consistently in Surge Cycling classes, from a variety of Surge Cycling instructors prior to auditioning. However, it does not guarantee you a spot in the instructor workshop program.

What to Prepare for the Audition

The audition will be approximately 5 minutes.


Prepare three songs. You will only teach a portion of each song. We would like each song to demonstrate your intensity, your personality, and your uniqueness.
Each song should demonstrate three distinct rhythms (i.e. sprints, climbs and jumps). Please also prepare to show a sense of your teaching style, your form, musical taste, presence and voice on the mic.


Your audition should demonstrate the Surge Cycling way of riding, cueing and coaching. 


After your audition, we will contact you if you have been selected as a candidate for the upcoming Workshop Program. As the next step, we will call you for an interview to meet with our Surge Cycling Workshop Team.

Advice before the Audition

If you are not an advanced Surge Cycling rider, please wait to audition at a later time once you’ve been able to ride in more classes.