Donald at Surge Cycling

Mix two parts DJ, one part drill instructor, one part cheerleader with a heavy helping of cycling enthusiast and you’ll have Donald. Kicking club beats and rowdy rock n’ roll are his signature sounds and they add up to the fastest indoor bike ride you’ll ever have. For Donald, the ride just isn’t about getting that rockin’ body or training for your next‘s about cultivating a strong, healthy, happy you.


His love for music, personal achievement, and growth from class to class is at the core of every pedal stroke and playlist he creates. When Donald is leading a class, it is simple –go hard or go home!


twitter: @MNDonald 



Zion at Surge Cycling

Seven years ago, Z's friend dragged her to her first indoor cycling class at a local gym. Her experience was challenging, sweaty, transformative and therapeutic — she wanted more!


Zion hails from the Bay Area, and earned her Spinning® Certification from Mad Dogg Athletics. She may have left her heart in San Francisco, but found her love for indoor cycling here in the Twin Cities.


Her energy and great mix of music combine to create a challenging but spirited workout that will have riders always pushing themselves to the next level. When she is not leading clients through the best 45 minutes of their day at Surge Cycling, she is in her kitchen, cooking up a storm or streaming Netflix movies.


twitter: @woozeewoo



Ben at Surge Cycling

An avid gym rat and runner for quite some time, Ben decided to give Surge a try, because he had never attempted an indoor cycling class before, and wanted to see if he could make it through one. He was hooked and immediately fell in love with the intensity of the workout. Ben returned for more as each class was different and was a great way to supplement his workout regimen. 


When he’s not on the bike, Ben is out on the lake wakesurfing and wakeskating, in the gym, or running around the lakes. He loves traveling camping, hiking and fly fishing as well. Ben brings inspiration, positive energy, and great music to his classes. He loves being pushed to his max and encourages riders to do the same in every ride.



Sarah at Surge Cycling

Sarah is a native Minnesotan, with a passion for an active, healthy lifestyle. Her love of fitness started at a young age, with a successful career running through high school on a state championship cross country team and continuing through college (Div II All-American Honors, 10k). Her current goal is running a marathon in all 50 states, and dreams of a trip to Kona to compete in the IRONMAN Triathlon Championship. While training for her two full IRONMAN Triathlons, she attended indoor cycling classes 3-4 days/week and hasn't stopped yet! Sarah always sets high standards for herself and translates that high energy and work attitude on the bike! Sarah holds a Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification.


When she's not teaching, Sarah is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, specializing in sports rehab. She fulfills her love of coaching, educating, with rehabilitating people back to their prior lifestyle.



Alissa at Surge Cycling

Alissa spent 16 years of her life in a pool as a competitive swimmer. When that career ended, she needed to find another way to escape and get a killer workout and that’s when she decided to try Surge! She loves getting lost in the music and pushing her body to new limits with each and every workout. Alissa has always had a passion to be a coach and she brings that passion to her classes by encouraging the participants to push themselves in ways they couldn’t imagine. She wants each individual to leave class feeling like they have improved themselves both mentally and physically.


When she’s not leading class, Alissa is a number cruncher at an accounting firm in downtown Minneapolis. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, spoiling her dog and spending all day on Sundays watching football.



Lori at Surge Cycling

For Lori, exercise is all about having fun, being heart healthy and feeling good about yourself! It only took one class for Lori to get addicted to Surge! As a busy professional, wife and mom, she knows time is precious, so when you are on the bike- you need to bring it!


Besides indoor cycling, Lori loves to run, kick box and go on adventures with her family. Lori knows music can literally make or break a workout so her playlists include high-energy hits. Lori is passionate about staying positive and making sure riders are having a good time! Lori encourages riders to find that beat and tap into their inner strength.



Alyssa at Surge Cycling

Alyssa has been active from a young age – days swimming at the pool and nights running around the neighborhood. She dabbled in dance and gymnastics, but basketball and softball were what stuck (and what fed her competitive nature). Her approach to fitness is one word – balance. Her routine includes yoga, weight lifting and indoor cycling.


The contagious beats and killer choreography are what hooked her. (It makes her feel like she can dance.) Alyssa encourages her riders to listen to their body, push themselves and love the beat.


When she’s not dancing on the bike, she’s advocating for her passions – animal welfare, Alzheimer’s research and sustainability. Her hobbies include: brunching, enjoying the Minnesota weather (at any season), writing, asking to pet strangers’ dogs, wishing it was the ‘90s.



Stephanie at Surge Cycling

A long-time outdoor cyclist, Stephanie picked up indoor cycling as a way to keep herself active during the Minnesota winters. Stephanie found her perfect fit at Surge Cycling where the rides were challenging, intense, fun, and filled with some of her favorite beats!


On the lead bike, her spirited and sassy attitude will keep you energized and engaged. She wants all of her riders to enjoy her fresh, dance, pop, hip-hop and club-pumpin’ music to go along with her mix of sprints, climbs and tap backs (her fave). She’ll be having a party on that bike and you’re all invited!


When she’s not on the podium, Stephanie works as an HR professional in the local tech scene. Her other hobbies include perfecting the best Bloody Mary recipe with her fiancé, playing sand volleyball, agonizing over her fantasy football lineup, and cuddling up on the couch with her dog, Buster.



Thomas at Surge Cycling

Thomas cannot remember being more nervous to try a new fitness class than checking out indoor cycling for the first time. With a love of any and all music, indoor cycling was a natural fit.  Thomas came to Surge to break up his normal fitness routine, mostly consisting of CrossFit and kettlebell training. The biggest surprise was how much indoor cycling has complemented and fueled other types of training.


When not focusing on fitness,Thomas enjoys spending time outdoors, recreational biking, traveling in the winter, volunteering, and devouring any baked good. Working as a project manager in banking and financial services, indoor cycling is time to decompress. Thomas brings to his classes a mix of everything - EDM, Hip-Hop and a lot of hard earned sweat. Expect to party on your bike!



Tiffany at Surge Cycling

Dancing from the moment she could walk, Tiffany has always been energetic and passionate about health and fitness. Her fun energy will leave you sweaty, pumped up and wanting more.


Tiffany has brought booty shaking fitness classes to the metro since 2011 pulling from over 10 years of dance experience. She grew interested in expanding her repertoire and took her very first indoor cycle class and was hooked. With her fun beats that you can sing loud and proud to she will get you through an intense fun filled spin class that leaves you happy, sweaty and overall a healthier you for this ride we call life! She will be with you every pedal of the way as we sprint, climb and jump through challenges that push you to be better and go farther.



Michele at Surge Cycling

Michele has always had a passion for health and fitness. With a degree in nutrition and food science she has been advocating and promoting the importance of balanced nutrition and fitness to achieve a healthy lifestyle throughout her career.


Michele turned to indoor cycling to take her cardio fitness to the next level and was hooked after the first class. Her base bumpin' classes will have you rocking and riding. She will inspire you to recognize how strong you are, work hard and sweat a lot.


When not on the bike you can find Michele outside on the water soaking up the sunshine. She enjoys kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, hiking, gardening in the summer and hitting the slopes in the winter.



Madison at Surge Cycling

The first time Madison heard Too $hort in Zion’s hip-hop class, she knew she found a place she belonged. New to the fitness and exercise world, she tried Surge and thought it would be a fun way to mix up her weight lifting program. Fast forward one year and countless rides later, Madison finally accomplished her goal of stepping on that podium and making fire playlists to get your booty moving.


With a love for all things hip-hop and Beyoncé, Madison’s classes are high energy and guaranteed to make you forget you’re actually working out! Bonus points if you sing or dance!


When she's not on the lead bike she enjoys time playing with her wiener dog Shelby, trying out new vegan recipes, watching all things Kardashian and searching for Minnesota’s best Bloody Mary and tofu scramble (it’s been a long research process but somebody's gotta do it!)



Jen at Surge Cycling

Jen was in a rut when it came to her fitness, or lack thereof, and wanted to try something new. After hearing people talk about indoor cycling she decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about. Surge had rave reviews online so she decided to take the plunge and signed up for her first class. After that Saturday Circuit class, she was completely hooked. The staff, the instructor(s), the music, the lavender towels! After about a year of being a faithful rider Jen was ready for her next challenge and decided to pursue becoming an instructor. She is beyond pumped to be a member of the Surge family!


When Jen isn’t working her booty in the studio she’s most likely shaking it at a concert. Raised on rock n’ roll, this girl loves the energy and atmosphere of a live show and wants to bring the same experience to her riders.



Alex at Surge Cycling

Going into his mid-twenties, Alex noticed his metabolism was no longer all that. After encouragement from his best friend, he (reluctantly) gave an indoor cycling class a try. Two years later, indoor cycling has become a strong passion for Alex; you’ve probably noticed him in class, front row, that same baseball cap each ride. 


Working out was never his go-to activity, but the combo of great instructors at Surge and that feeling after crushing a Tabata, created a goal for Alex — finding that perfect balance between a good workout and a great meal (and a beer, or two).


When not on the bike, Alex’s full-time gig is in beverage regulatory compliance. His free time is spent surrounding himself with friends, discovering that next Instagram shot, chilling while Netflixing and  finding new music to keep his playlists fresh.



Anna at Surge Cycling

A fondness for road biking and sprint triathalons brought Anna to Surge in 2015. She instantly connected with the Surge atmosphere. Who doesn’t adore catchy music and dark lighting?  


Anna believes that enjoyable exercise results in sustainable exercise. She finds that riding to the beat of music is naturally motivating. Her musical taste is best described as eclectic. From Dolly Parton to Missy Elliot, Stevie Wonder to AC/DC, you’ll hear it all in Anna’s class. Oh, and Prince. There is always Prince!


Nerd alert! Anna is a self-proclaimed nerd - of the trekkie and rock collection kind. She holds a Masters of Science in Regulatory Affairs. When she’s not at her day job improving patients lives in the biotech industry, you can find her playing street tennis with her family, shopping with her bestie, or taking in the latest sci-fi/horror flick.



Emily at Surge Cycling

Emily believes life is all about the balance of work and play, and indoor cycling helps her achieve just that! Surge’s upbeat tunes and motivating instructors had her hooked! With Emily’s dance and cheer background and her love of pop and hip-hop, she’ll have you boogying on your bike! 


Emily recently moved to the Twin Cities from Arkansas! When Emily isn’t at Surge, she can be found at the dog park with her Clumber Spaniel Boo or sharpening her photography skills! She holds a Master of Business Administration and works full time as a Marketing professional. Just like at work and in life, she’s going to work hard and have fun – and expect to do the same in her class!



Marcia at Surge Cycling

Marcia was ready to switch up her workout routine so she decided to try a class at Surge two years ago. Once that disco ball dropped during class she was hooked! Marcia was so excited to have a workout that she could actually look forward to! Marcia realized she needed to start teaching after she found herself saying “tap & push” while jamming out to Missy Elliot in the car! She is beyond thrilled to be part of the Surge team! When she’s not on the bike, you can find Marcia spending time at the lake, paddle boarding & hiking. Marcia loves being creative and spends her spare time working with clay and drawing.